The origin of our fish

The most important fish in our selection are trout farmed in Finland and Sweden, salmon farmed in Norway, wild whitefish from the Canadian Great Lakes, mackerel caught in the Atlantic Ocean, and Baltic herring and vendace caught in Finland. Of fish from Finnish lakes, whitefish, pike perch and perch are of particular importance to us. Our fish ingredients are supplied by fishermen, our own farms and fish farmers.

As a responsible family business, we look at things in the long term. Our decades of good relationships with fishermen, ingredient suppliers and fish farmers create a basis for reliable operation. All of our co-operation partners have passed our supplier evaluation, and we audit our suppliers systematically. Quick refrigerated transports help us secure fresh products for further processing and directly to our customers.

We pay regular visits to our associates’ salmon farms on the Lofoten Islands and Northern Norway, as well as our own trout farms in continental Finland, Åland and Sweden. The Norwegian salmon is transported with refrigerated trucks directly from the Lofoten Islands to our fish processing plant, meaning that we receive the salmon for processing only 22 hours after gutting. We manage the entire production chain of fresh trout, from roe and juvenile fish all the way to finished products, all year round. From hatching, it takes 2.5–3 years for Finnish trout to travel onto consumers’ plates.

We use fish from sustainable fish stocks

We source our fish from sustainable fish stocks and favour responsible local operators. Our package labels indicate the harvesting areas of the fish, making our ingredients traceable. In accordance with the new Fishing Act, Finnish fishermen who provide us with their catch are registered as commercial fishermen and report their catches to the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. This helps keep fishing operations responsible. For example, more than 90% of the pike perch we sell is caught from lakes and guaranteed to come from sustainable fish stocks. Our Finnish whitefish, on the other hand, is farmed on the Archipelago Sea or caught wild from Lake Lappajärvi, Lake Kyrösjärvi or the Archipelago Sea. Our ever-popular perch are caught from lakes such as Lappajärvi, Pyhäjärvi in the Pirkanmaa region and Kyrösjärvi.

Our Puruvesi vendace is caught from the clearest and cleanest great lake in Finland, Lake Puruvesi. The Puruvesi vendace is caught with seine nets. This catching method complies with the principles of sustainable fishing and guarantees first-class quality. The trout and whitefish farmed in Finland are on the WWF’s green list, i.e. on the list of fish recommended by the WWF.

The mackerel and baltic herring from Kalaneuvos is MSC-certified

The mackerel and baltic herring offered by Kalaneuvos is MSC-certified. The MSC label is an internationally recognised certification applied to fish that has been caught in an ecologically sustainable fashion. The MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) is the world’s leading certification organisation for sustainable fishing. The organisation uses a wide range of standards for the traceability of fish and seafood, and the standards have been proven to have a positive impact on the fish population. The MSC certification for sustainable fishing evaluates the state of the fish population, the environmental impact of fishing activities, and the management of fishing operations. Fishing must not change the structure or diversity of the marine ecosystem or deplete the fish population. The blue, oval-shaped MSC label signals to the consumer that the fish in question has been caught sustainably. The label can be found on product packaging, on a shop’s fish and seafood counter, or on a restaurant’s menu. We also provide MSC-certified ling.

  • Trout
    Farmed on the Finnish coast, in Åland and in Sweden
  • Salmon
    Farmed on the Lofoten Islands region of Northern Norway and on the north side of the Lofoten Islands
  • Whitefish (farmed)
    The Archipelago Sea
  • Whitefish (wild)
    Lake Lappajärvi, Lake Kyrösjärvi, the Archipelago Sea, Åland
  • Whitefish (Canada)
    The Canadian Great Lakes
  • Baltic herring
    The Bothnian Sea and the Archipelago Sea
  • Vendace
    Lake Puruvesi Lake Saimaa Lake Pyhäjärvi in Säkylä
  • Northern pike
    Lake Lappajärvi Lake Kyrösjärvi Lake Pyhäjärvi in Säkylä
  • Pike perch (freshwater)
    Lake Lappajärvi Lake Pyhäjärvi in Pirkanmaa Lake Kyrösjärvi Lake Vesijärvi in Lahti
  • Pike perch (sea)
    The Vaasa sea area, the Turku Archipelago
  • Perch (freshwater)
    Lake Lappajärvi Lake Pyhäjärvi in Pirkanmaa Lake Kyrösjärvi
  • Perch (sea)
  • Brown trout (farmed)
  • Arctic char (farmed)
  • Mackerel
    Ireland and Scotland, grown in the north-east Atlantic
  • Cod
    Sweden and Denmark area, the North-East Atlantic
  • Ling (lutefisk)
    The North-East Atlantic